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We can provide you with the best choices for your logistics needs, including personalized phone support for a week. We have certified warehouses, specialized agents, and our own in-house trucks.

Your Business Solution

Our logistics team has years of experience working with you and your customers to move transportation and logistics costs down while keeping service levels up. Whether as agents, 3PLs, or with our in-house truck fleet, we can provide the right choice for each of your logistics needs—and we’re always on hand to help.

A Trusted Partner

Looking for trusted Logistics Partner for your business? We specialize in import/export. Our knowledge and experience of today’s international marketplace enables us to ensure the highest quality merchandise at competitive prices.

Private Label Shipments

Our expertise enables our customers to deliver products in a timely and efficient manner. We earn the trust of our clients by providing excellent quality products from local and international sources.In addition, we also provide sourcing service for customers’ private label and own brand products to put them initially on the country’s retail shelves.

Full-Service Company

We have all the options you need to simplify logistics and fulfillment.Whether you have a one-time shipment or need a dedicated supply chain solution, we can provide industry expertise and local market knowledge to help move your business forward.Our team is available 24/7 to assist you with all of your logistics needs.

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